Who could have guessed that our production facility would so suddenly reach the limits of its capacity? Adjustable feet for partition wall systems were needed in great numbers, as thousands of new refugees were coming to Europe and Germany daily, fleeing death and misery. The federal government, states, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and private companies were and continue to be greatly challenged in such times. Mobile partition wall systems for emergency shelters were needed quickly to help the many people seeking assistance as soon as possible. It was a huge administrative and organizational act.

Our long-time customer OCTANORM Vertriebs GmbH is a manufacturer of partition wall systems and has more than 46 years of expertise in the area of aluminium system construction and interior furnishing systems. These partition wall systems are ideal for building living and sleeping quarters in disaster zones and refugee shelters, giving a minimum of level of privacy back to refugees.

Some 70,000 adjustable feet were very quickly produced by VERMAY GmbH & Co. KG

At the end of 2015, VERMAY GmbH and Co. KG was commissioned to manufacture special adjustable feet for Octanorm with hardly any lead time. VERMAY in Pulheim produced more than 70,000 adjustable feet in total, which were urgently needed for emergency and refugee accommodation.
Octanorm developed a simple and modular partition wall system of supports, frames, and panels. This system is ideal for construction of living and sleeping quarters for emergency and refugee accommodation. This is also demonstrated by the numerous projects that Octanorm has been able to successfully and reliably make a reality nationwide for counties, municipalities, and project partners. For the entities ordering these partition wall systems, fast set-up, flexible construction, and short delivery times are of utmost importance. At VERMAY, we are proud to have made a contribution with the adjustable feet we manufactured to providing people in need with clean and safe accommodation.

Sustainability and fire safety
The Octanorm partition wall systems are very easy to repurpose and can therefore be used for other projects. For example, for trade fair construction, exhibitions, voting booths, and changing rooms. The components thus remain in the value and use cycle and do not have to be disposed of in a complicated manner, such as is the case with drywall construction. When it comes to fire safety, Octanorm is also far ahead of its competitors with its mobile partition wall systems. Aluminium is not flammable. The plates and curtain solutions used all have the required B1 certification.

With this contract, VERMAY GmbH & Co. KG once again proved its value when it comes down to extreme flexibility and delivering our adjustable feet on time. Made in Germany. Made in Pulheim.

Image source: Octanorm Vertriebs GmbH, Filderstadt

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